Sunday, August 24, 2008

My reaction to Rick Warren's recent faith forum at Saddleback has published on Both sides of the political fence were dissatisfied, but I doubt that surprises any of my regular readers. Angering everyone is becoming my M.O.

What do you think of my reaction? Slanted or centered? Agree or disagree?


Tommy Parke said...

I don't think the review was too far left or right. It was what it was. You stated facts with a very little color of your own. Obviously you poked fun at the typical mindset of conservative Christianity, but that shows your familiarity with it. You're not casting it aside as most frustrated, conservative born Christians would do. You're just forcing questions to be answered from the norm. Keep it up.

upfromthedesert said...

it suffices, but leaves me wondering: is there really not more to the religious right than abortion and gay marriage? to hone in on those two issues is a dis-service to our intelligence. economics and energy reform are just as crucial in my conservative christian circle as your 'big two.'

only the right conversations create the change. the same conversations confirm the old.

lindasue said...

I see it as McCain won it hands down! He slammed Obama. We watched it beginning to end and thought Obama did his usual waltz with words in a circle. Great article Jonathan! Keep up the great writing and even deeper thought provoking ideas for christians.

Shane "George" Lambert said...


I think your review was right on the money. The forum was a great way to examine the candidates in a setting we don't normally see them in.

I believe McCain was clearly the big winner on the night, doing what he needed to do to ease the fears of many conservatives (like me) about where he stands on some important issues.

Obama's "above my pay grade" response to the question of when life begins has to be one of the worst answers I've ever heard any candidate give in any kind of public forum on any given topic. If a person is unsure of when life begins, would it not be wise to err on the side of the baby?

Of course, we already know what Obama really believes based on his past voting record. His history shows us that he is OK with killing a baby even after it has been accidentally delivered alive in a botched abortion. His reasoning: To let the baby live would go against the original wishes of the mother and the doctor (my paraphrase). That tells me everything I need to know about this guy. For him to say that America doesn't do enough for the "least of these" is the height of hypocrisy.

Shane "George" Lambert said...
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Shane "George" Lambert said...

To see what Obama really said, you can read the entire transcript from the Illinois State Senate here:

Obama's comments can be found on pages 31-34.