Monday, December 3, 2007

Christmas at the White House

One of the best things about being invited to a Christmas reception at the White House was going to Capitol Hill Baptist Church. Don't get me wrong. Getting a chance to go to the White House and walk around at my leisure was a distinct honor. But spending the weekend with Dr. Mark Dever affected me equally.

Dr. Dever is the picture of a New Testament pastor and has built a church that is a beaming example of a New Testament church. During the time I was at his home, over 20 young adults visited his home to ask questions about theology and the Bible. Dr. Dever has a heart to raise up a generation of believers who think deeply and minister meaningfully.
What do you think a perfectly New Testament church looks like? Before this weekend, I thought I had a good idea. Now, I definitely do.


Musclely Armed Paper Boy said...

So, am I supposed to be impressed that you were at the White House? Seriously, if I am supposed to be impressed, I will be! Just let me know. Thanks!

Jonathan said...

Muscely armed paper boy (aka John): That is exaclt what you are supposed to be... no actually, just wanted to share about how great Dr. Dever is. If you don't have his two volume "Message" set, you NEED to get it.