Friday, July 10, 2009

Putting Your Money Where Your Message Is

Our generation loves a good cause. Ay least that is the appearance. We proudly wear the "Save Africa" T-shirts and we buy all the {RED} gear we can find. There is no doubt that causes are cool. But how many of us have moved from talking to doing?

A while back, I wrote about the atrocities going on in the Darfur region of Sudan. People are dying in record numbers from starvation, refugee camps are having to turn people away, people are dying by the thousands in genocidal attacks, orphaned children are left to roam dangerous streets in fear of being kidnapped to serve in the militia. Millions of people have been affected by these injustices, and our Christian convictions won't allow us to sit idly by. Africa needs us.

I am asking you to join my Mocha Club team to help bring healing and restoration to Sudan. For only $7--the cost of two mochas--you can help support an orphanage in the village of Nyamlel that houses over 400 children and provide shelter, mosquito nets, food, and wells for clean water. Watch the powerful video posted above and consider joining my team. Move beyond the message and become a part of the solution.


Anonymous said...

JM. Have you seen this article...

Written by atheist Matthew Parris of the UK times online:

"As an atheist, I truly believe Africa needs God."

Anonymous said...

Cool! I'll definitely join, and I'll post this link on my Facebook.

Brian said...

Thanks for spreading the word! My friends and I joined a few months ago and our group supports Darfur regrowth as well.

dave said...

if we were busy in one of our worship services, and someone came in screaming that there was a ten-car pile up outside, with people stuck in burning cars, how many of us would throw ourselves into the situation... by buying a t-shirt that says "Help People Trapped in Cars!"???
weird. Obviously, "worship" would be derailed, and we'd run out to help. Because it's an emergency. Why can't MILLIONS of orphaned and vulnerable children be an emergency too?

I am Ravenna said...

Even atheists can be right sometimes. I agree, we need to move from talking to doing, in a BIG way!
Love your page,