Wednesday, May 20, 2009

New Urbanism

One of the most striking presentations at Flourish Conference this year a video on new urbanism called "Built to Last." It was produced by Chris Elisara of Creation Care Study Program and John Paget of Paget Films and was winner of the Congress for New Urbanism's video contest. The artistic quality of this video is through the roof and the message is powerful.

Check out the 3-minute video out and let me know your thoughts.


Garet Robinson said...

I wrote a paper about the virtues of New Urbanism when I was in seminary. The clip is great, really nails the issue.

Thankfully we are seeing the movement gather more momentum as a new generation of city planners, architects, and builders are gaining their place and implementing their ideas. We need more of this not less. We hope to live in a New Urbanist community at some point in the future.

I'm glad you're a fan of this. BTW, the Acton Institute has an issue of their journal Markets and Morality all about this. Finally a good book (that is hard to find) is called Sidewalks in the Kingdom and talks about New Urbanism from an evangelical perspective. Really good stuff.


Here's the link for the Journal:

Anonymous said...

I remember seeing a "documentary" a few years ago of a number of US communities that are designed in such a manner...

It's like downtown city living without the downtown city.

I live in the City - and I really like it becuase I don't have to drive everywhere. Other than the heavy traffic coming through all the time, it's quite nice....

And, when I cut my grass - I use no gas and produce no emissions becuase my yard is small enough to still use a 'reel' mower.

I just wish I could remember what show it was that I watched - and the names of some of the communities in the report. It was quite good.