Thursday, April 16, 2009

Protestant Pastors and Creation Care

Interesting new research from Ed Stetzer & Co. A LifeWay Research study breaks down protestant pastors' views on most divisive environmental issue as well as how often they address creation care from their pulpit. Clear divisions among political and theological lines. Read the study news release.

Has your pastor ever addressed creation care from the pulpit? If so, what kind of church do you attend?


Big Daddy Weave said...

I've never heard an entire sermon preached on Creation Care during a regular worship service. I have, however, heard three sermons that briefly touched on environmental stewardship - incidentally all three pastors were women.

A few years back I heard a sermon at Parkway Baptist Church in Duluth, Georgia that mentioned Creation Care. Julie Pennington-Russell (now at FBC Decatur) preached a sermon that included a focus on Creation Care back when she was at Calvary in Waco. And most recently, I heard Dorisanne Cooper at Lakeshore Baptist in Waco mention Creation Care. A year or two ago, Walter Shurden of Mercer's Center for Baptist Studies did an informal survey of his colleagues, many of which are prominent moderate-progressive CBF pastors, on this subject. I think he found that only one of the pastors surveyed had ever preached an entire sermon devoted to Creation Care.

Sadly, to this day, the only full-length "sermon" that I've heard on Creation Care was given by Al Gore at a luncheon during the New Baptist Covenant last year....

My soon-to-be wife does, however, given presentations on Climate Change and Creation Care at various local churches (Baptist and non-Baptist alike), usually on Sunday nights. I suspect her presentation is the closest thing to a "Creation Care sermon" that most of those in attendance will ever hear...

Anonymous said...

Not specifically, I mean - in a pointed sermon. But, we do encourage stewardship of creation. We are part of an independent, non-denominational church. If you must have a label - we are Charismatic.

It's distressing to me that when there is an issue such as this - or life & abortion, creation...and others - there is always an assumed political side and/or agenda. This misnomer must be broken...especially in the church.

saintrage said...

I do not attend church, but I am delighted that care of the planet is becoming a priority for a segment of the population as powerful and diligent as Christians. I hve worked in the evironmental field (I operate a wastewater plant) for 25 years and am always ready to join forces with people who want to preserve this wonderful planet for future generations.

From the Middle East said...

Brother Jonathan,

No, I have not heard a sermon on creation care. I have heard it mentioned though.

My question to you is what church building is in the picture and where did you find the photo?

Peace to you brother,
From the Middle East