Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Help For Uncertain Times

I rarely ever post about my dad on this blog. He has his own voice, and I have mine. While our respective voices are equally grounded in a commitment to the message of God's word, they often convey that message differently. We are comfortable with that, and it often leads us into some spirited but loving debates.

Today, however, I wanted to post a word from Dad that I think everyone in America needs to hear. It is entitled "Help for Uncertainty" and was released by our media ministry, Touching Lives. In this message, Dad calls us to rally behind, support and pray for President-elect Obama no matter how we voted in November. We are facing tough times, not as Democrats and Republicans, but as Americans and, for some, as Christians. As Dad says, when times are tough God is asking us, "Do you trust me or not?" This is a wake-up call. Do we really trust Him? If we do, we need to decrease our fear by increasing our faith in God. That is truly a message of hope for these uncertain times.

What do you think our message should be in the midst of this crisis?


Anonymous said...

That was good. Your father's right when he said the less we trust God, the more we fear what's going on in the world.

There is a scripture, I can't remember where it is exactly, that says we should pray for our leaders. No matter how we vote, our President needs God's help just as much as anyone else does.

Thanks for sharing that.

Anonymous said...

Jonathan - your dad is a good man. :) He is right on with what he's saying...

I'm not sure, however, that we need to "rally behind" the new president as he suggests - but praying for him is a certainty.

Two posts that I had written recently regarding this:
God's People and the Government to Which HE Calls Us.
Speak Life

tmamone The scripture I believe you are looking for is I Timothy 2:1-3.

Romans 13:1 says, Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God. Romans 13:1-7

The authorities that exist are appointed by God: See also Daniel 4:32 & Psalm 75:6-7. Paul does not suggest, however, that God approves a corrupt government, ungodly officials, or unjust legislation.

Sometimes, however, in punishment for the sins of a people, or for other reasons known only to Him, God allows evil rulers to have authority for a time, as the Old Testament prophets frequently testify.

Ideally, God grants authority to serve good ends (Rom 13:3-4). How that authority is exercised will be the accounting of each to whom it has been given."

Katie Corbett said...

Something God has shown me recently that is a great message in the midst of crisis comes straight out of Psalm 136..."His love endures forever."

I may lose my job, BUT His love endures forever...
I may be frightened over the state of our nation, BUT His love endures forever...
Things look as bad as they can be, BUT His love endures forever...

It is a simple message, but sometimes so hard to remember and often harder to apply, but when I do,it feels like a million lbs have been lifted from me.

Anonymous said...


That's a great concept to grasp.

Many, even in Christianity, see that as a superficial means to give one-self "false hope"...

It's absolutely not that at all. I know first hand that knowing that His love endures forever and living in such a way that reflects that understanding isn't superficial - in fact, it's so much more supportive than any job prospect, doctor's verdict, or bank statement could ever suffice within human understanding.

I fear that too many Christians in America will say they have faith in God - but really their faith is in themselves and their heart actions betray their said faith.

I wrote about that understanding here when I said "if I would lose all my retirement savings, my house, my car...and so on...that's OK. (Difficult as it may seem) I still have 1. The LORD. 2. My life, and 3. My family. Those things that are actually important and have lasting and eternal value....The LORD takes care of His people...that is the bottom line."

His love endures forever (that's a good and lasting word)

Jonathan Moss said...

I agree with your dad that we have to pray for Obama.

What made me sad was watching the race between McCain and Obama and having too many evangelicals not trusting God to provide the Man for the job, and even considering one Man more fit for the job than the other one.

I'm reassured that the evangelical right has become comfortable with President Obama. I hope that people will not rely on Obama to bring hope to our nation by himself, and we will first put our trust in God just like your Dad mentioned.

michelle said...

Great video. I couldn't agree more. During times like these, as Christians, we need to rely on God and what He has set in motion for us.

chadwick said...


Excellent message! This message needs to be proclaimed in every Christian household in America!

Dr. Merritt's comments go hand in hand with the following quote:

"Men may play with Arminianism in times of peace, but in the great crises of spiritual conflict, there is nothing but the solid bedrock of the eternal sovereignty of God on which the foot can rest with any sense of security; and in times like these, churches, as well as individuals, unconsciously become Calvinists" (T.D. Witherpoon in Memorial Volume of the Westminster Assembly)

Only by Faith Alone,