Monday, November 17, 2008

The Uncertain Future of Evangelical Voters

Beginning in the spring of this year, I began noticing a changing wind among my young evangelical peers with regard to points of interest and how that translates into actual votes. I have written on this several times both on this blog and in several publications. Today, I published an article for Newsweek / Washington Post On Faith entitled, "The Uncertain Future of Evangelical Voters."

This piece is different in that it explores the young evangelical trend in the context of our current political transition.  I write that both parties have an opportunity to capture tomorrow's evangelicals if they can articulate specific values in a meaningful way. Will that ever happen? I don't know. For now, all eyes rest upon the President-elect to see if he will make good on the centrist promises he made to younger evangelicals while campaigning or simply govern the way his past record indicates--far to the left of most evangelical Christians.


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Katie Corbett said...

Nice article. I am concerned though that many of the words that were spoken on the campaign trail and many of the promises that were made were empty promises. I fear that so many young evangelicals were blinded by the rhetoric of our president-elect and failed to look at what has been so solid in the past. Obama's voting record is very solidly left. I guess I am wondering why do so many young evangelicals think that this is truly going to change now that he is in the highest office in the land? I know that I will be quite pleased if he makes good on being bipartisan, but not shocked if he doesn't. Either way, he will have my prayers and respect. :-)