Monday, September 8, 2008

Recently, I wrote a piece for the new creation care power-site, Deep Green Conversation, entitled, "It's All Greek to Me." In it, I detail my recent trip to Greece and how out of place I--a creation care advocate--felt in "a country that truly does its part to protect the planet." This trip reminded me that Americans, including myself, have to move past en vogue, light-green trends to simply make us feel better and start making the big decisions that will push us along in the race to sustainability.

Check it out and let me know what you think.


Deanna said...

I just spent three years in very green Germany and I agree...other countries prioritize recycling and energy conservation much more than we do. The difference is education and necessity. They teach their children how to be green as a way of life, not a novelty. Also the reality of so many people living on less money and in less space forces the issue.

Carmen Butcher said...

My family and I spent a year in South Korea, in the 12-million-person city of Seoul. Wow! Did they ever recycle! After you ate at McDonald's, there was a receptacle for every plastic and/or paper container out of which you had eaten, and you, the consumer, were responsible for getting each thing in the right "recycling" receptacle. It was awesome! Also, when we bought shoes, the store clerk took the new shoes out of the box, put your shoes in a shoe-size plastic bag, and took the box back to recycle it!