Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Bible Goes Green?

In a publishing first, Harper-Collins is set to release The Green Bible in only a few short days. The press release reads, "New bible shows how God was the original environmentalist--and how the world's most influential book urges us to sustain our planet." I received an advance copy for review in the mail today, and I must say that it is well put together and beautifully bound.

The Bible has several intriguing if not revolutionary features. It features essays from Desmond Tutu, Pope John Paul II, NT Wright, Matthew Sleeth and others. And it is eco-friendly. The Bible is printed on recycled paper with soy-based inks and is held by a 100% cotton/linen cover. Finally, it is a "green-letter edition" so every reference to the creation is marked with brightly-colored ink.

I have only two small qualms with this project. 1) I have never been a fan of special editions of the Bible. I think the Bible probably transcends these uses by its very nature. 2) This Bible is in one of my least favorite translations, the NRSV. Even in light of these things, I would urge everyone to at least go echeck one out in person. Just holding it in your hands is an interesting experience.

What do you think about The Green Bible?


Christine said...

If the publisher really cares about the environment, then they should be making all "green" bibles ... make all of the extras and contributions into a $4.99 pocket book you can buy at the cash register.

Also, by coming out with a NEW Bible and promoting it so heavily, you are encouraging wastefulness and more unnecessary consumption. I love that things are going more green. I just get really discouraged when I see consumerism promoted so heavily on green products. ugh.

Unless, of course, only those without a current copy of the Bible will make these purchases, or churches will be buying them to distribute.

Yeah. That's what'll happen. Certainly, it won't be the people who bought the pink-cover Bible last year to go with their new handbag; now needing something to better coordinate with their jewel tone winter clothing this year.

Anonymous said...

Yes, haven't seem the Bible yet - but I agree with Christine. We are promoted to go green with everything...the biggest no-a-days is appliances.

Your old fridge isn't green...well throw it away and get one that uses less energy - that's better for the envirnment. OR, a washer..the old one uses more water, throw it out and get a new one that usese less...that's a good idea.

Sorry - but I don't think so. About the Bible...if people actually READ the ones they have already we wouldn't need to make all these "study" and 'commontary' Bibles. All those study notes and commontary are just someone else's opinion anyway. ;)

Anonymous said...

And, as long as they don't trump or minimize the message of the God's Kingdom by exalting the creation....

Too many people already worship the creation.