Monday, June 16, 2008

A new community for twentysomething women has launched, called EtL Cafe. Several men and women--including authors Margaret Feinberg and Sarah Howell--have contributed wonderful information that makes this site very promising. I also was able to contribute an article as the Special of the Week: "Green Like God."

This article profiles Emma, a 23-yr. old college student who has a heap of emotional baggage due to parental neglect. The question posed is "How many of us shirk our responsibility to take care of what God gives us?" In fact, many human beings do an embarrassing job of stewarding God's creation. Just like Emma's parents, we are guilty of neglecting creation and causing irreparable damage.

I challenge you to do what I have done. Take a moment to quietly reflect and evaluate your own life. Making small changes can make a huge impact and will help put us on the road to healing His magnificent creation. As Christians, we have no other choice but to be green like God.

When you inventory your life, are you doing a good job of taking care of what God has given you?

What more can you do that would make an impact on this earth and those who inhabit it?

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