Monday, May 5, 2008

As someone who has been involved with the science community for some time and as someone who holds a degree in Biology and Chemistry, I have been in more than one spitting contest regarding evolution. I am a creationist who has been encouraged by the many wonderful intelligent design proponents who have spoken up in recent years. One argument that I encounter often--mostly from my atheist or agnostic friends--is that they, like Darwin, lost their faith when they began to study evolution.

However, a recent article by Dinesh D'souza (one of my favorite authors who wrote What's So Great about America? and Letters to a Young Conservative) dispels this theory by refuting that evolution is a scientific negation of theism and/or Christianity as well as the popular story that Darwin lost his faith as a result of his origin of life studies.
Take a look at the article and, if you have any interesting feedback, leave it here.

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