Friday, April 18, 2008

The grip that the Republican party has on evangelical Christians is loosening as younger evangelicals are coming onto the scene. In addition to traditional values, younger evangelicals believe their faith calls them to support a wide range of issues like human rights, poverty, AIDS in Africa and the environment. Unfortunately for the GOP, Democrats have conquered the high ground on many of these issues.

This is the topic of my recent column in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, WWJD? Vote for Obama, more and more young evangelicals say.

It was unheard of for a Christian to vote Democrat in latter part of the 20th century--or at least not spoken about in public. But if you are like me, many of your conservative Christians friends are considering switching sides or simply not voting for the first time in their lives. In my column, I site a Relevant Magazine poll that illustrates this is actually a sweeping trend. When asked "Who would Jesus vote for?," the number one reponse from thousands of avowed "conservative" Christians was Barack Obama.

What do you think about this trend and who are you personally supporting in this election?


Steve said...

I am not in favor of any of the three candidates. I will vote and it will be for McCain. I cannot imagine this country voting for Hillary or Obama, but they did elect her husband twice, and many, many have already voted for Obama.

Shane "George" Lambert said...

I recently wrote a blog entry about seriously writing in, "None of the Above."

Now I hear that Jesse Ventura is encouraging the same thing. Never thought I'd agree with him on anything.

I find it interesting that so many Christians are leaning toward Obama. What does he have to offer that excites them as followers of Christ?

Jonathan Merritt said...


Thanks for your comments. You asked what Obama offers that excites followers of Christ? Personally, I don't think he offers much except the gospel of hope and justice that he preaches everywhere he goes. What do you think?