Friday, July 27, 2007

News Flash: Aquafina is Really Just Tap Water!

This is good news for me because I prefer flourinated water out of the tap anyway, but it is still shocking that Aquafina derives from a municipal water source. (And it's just one more reason to hate Pepsi.)


PamB said...

First of all: PROOFREAD YOUR STUFF. They "derive" not "devries". Secondly, I guess you should hate Coke as well since they "derive" their water from public sources as well. However, I prefer Aquafina and Dasani. Those "foreign" waters with names I can't pronounce, like Evian, taste AWFUL. Of course, being an Atlanta native, like yourself, we have to be Coke fans. But I'm a Pepsi fan, too since I love and live in Florida as well.


Jonathan Merritt said...

Actually, my favorite is Fiji, and my least favorite is Deer Park. All the ones in the middle just run together, so I mostly choose to drink from the tap unless I am travelling. And speaking of florida, why is it that all their tap water tastes like hair spray and dirty pennies?

JP said...

Good stuff Jonny! Glad you are doing well. -JP Kavanaugh

Jonathan Merritt said...

Wow, Kavanaugh. Crazy that you are doing this musical. Great site.